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Fencing Services in Swindon

JFK Building Services offers all types of fencing services in and around Swindon; new and replacement. If your garden fence has recently become damaged in adverse weather conditions, or is in need of a facelift or repair, JFK can help.

Some of our fencing services include panel fences, closeboard fences, chain link fences and more. We can erect a fence from your materials or we will source and supply from local reputable suppliers. Our fencing service includes the removal of any old fencing materials as standard.

  • All wooden timber fencing is pressure treated against rot which is a modern superior process dramatically increasing life expectancy compared to the traditional "dipped" treatments.
  • All fences can be built to any length/height specification.
  • All posts will be concreted wherever possible.
  • We also provide different types and styles of decorative fencing if desired.

Please see below for further information on different fencing services we can offer in Swindon.

Close Board Fencing

Close board fencing is a line of fencing which hides the posts, utilising vertically fixed overlapping boards. Close board fences are structurally stronger than panel fences and aesthetically more pleasing. JFK would normally recommend close board fences as a replacement for any of your garden fences.

Panel Fences

Panel fences are a common form of garden fence which consists of fixing pre-made panels between wooden posts. Panel fences are a convenient form of replacement garden fencing however we would normally recommend close board fences for the extra benefits they entail.

Chain Link Fences (Wire Mesh Fencing)

Chain link fences, also known as wire mesh fencing is another form of fencing. It is an open fence which doesn't form a screen allowing sectional divisions which is fine for where privacy is not a forethought. Chain link fences are commonly found in schools and public areas.

Other Fencing Services in and around Swindon

We have listed the most common fencing services offered by JFK Building Services however if you have another fencing requirement let us know and we will be happy to help.

Please contact us for information and advice on the type of fencing services in Swindon we can offer you.

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